Supporting Mental Health in Greater Moncton

2022 Annual Raise the Roof Campaign

A Better Quality of Life for Adults Living with Mental Illness

Our 2022 Annual Raise the Roof Campaign is targeted at raising funds to replace the roofing on two of our large 24/7 residences in downtown Moncton. The cost is estimated at $45,186.

The first of the two residences is our Transition House, which provides a stable living environment and support programs for eight (8) individuals on a short-term basis for up to two years until residents acquire the skills to move on to independent living.

The second residence is one of our 24-hour care residences that is staffed around the clock to support nine (9) individuals that require assistance in their day-to-day life. The residence provides meals and programs focused on healthy living in a homelike atmosphere. There is no timeline on how long residents can stay here and most residents stay for the long term.

Your support will help prevent adults struggling with mental illness from being passed between the mental health and criminal systems or ending up homeless on the street. Our homes give adults living with mental illness residential stability, flexible support services, and family/sense of belonging. By providing stable homes and providing 24 hr. care and support we can minimize hospitalization and dependence on emergency room admissions for mental health issues for people in our care. Residents in transition are given help to rebuild their confidence and their skills to reintegrate into society and live more independently. Give Now by selecting Annual Raise the Roof Campaign from the drop down menu or simply filling out the form below.

We are dedicated to supporting existing and future residents living with mental illness in Greater Moncton and will continue to invest in our locations in Moncton and Dieppe. The support of our community is essential to provide housing and support services to adults living with mental illness. You can make it possible and make a difference for someone living with mental illness right here in Greater Moncton by donating today!