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Shared Living Homes

Community and Connection

Our shared living homes embody the spirit of community and interconnectedness, offering residents a unique opportunity to live alongside others on similar paths. These residences are designed to foster a sense of belonging and mutual support, blending private spaces with communal areas where residents can share meals, activities, and experiences. Our shared living homes provide a comforting balance of independence and companionship, nurturing well-being and personal growth within a supportive community framework.

Lakewood Residence

Experience the convenience of shared living at our Lakewood residence. With two floors, each floor offers three bedrooms, along with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. Ideal for a cozy and communal living experience.

Lutz Residence

Discover the comfort of our Lutz residence, spread across three floors. Featuring three shared living spaces in total, each floor offers shared kitchen and bathroom facilities, along with a total of eight bedrooms. Perfect for fostering a supportive and inclusive living environment.

Shared Living Homes

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