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Diverse Programs for Wellbeing

Explore our range of programs, each designed to support and enrich the lives of those we serve. From the shared excitement of regular bingo to the practical support offered by our transition training, our activities foster community, growth, and well-being. Our community garden and activity shack provide unique opportunities for involvement, skill development, and the joy of accomplishment. These programs reflecct our commitment to creating a nurturing environment for all members of our community. 

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Community Garden

Our Community Garden fosters learning, activity, and nourishment, sharing its bounty with residents and the local food bank.

Activity Shack

The Activity Shack promotes wellness with outdoor games, exercise, and nature activities promote wellbeing and an active lifestyle.

Raise the Roof

Your support of this campaign helps us improve resident comfort and well-being, which leads to hope, help, and healing.

Monthly Activities

Once a month, Community Residences offer a rotating activity, enriching the lives of all residents with engagement and fun.

Bingo Night

Every second Friday, the Church St. residence hosts bingo night, bringing together residents for fun and community.

Transition House

Transition House offers short-term residential services and life skills training to support clients' return to community living.