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Board Of Directors

Leadership With A Purpose

At ARA, our Board of Directors plays a pivotal role in steering our mission towards greater achievements. As the guiding force behind our organization, these nine dedicated individuals collaborate closely with our Executive Director, meeting monthly to make strategic decisions that shape the future of our services. Their combined expertise, passion, and vision ensure we remain focused on our goal of enhancing the lives of those living with mental illness in Greater Moncton.

We are currently in a phase of growth and opportunity, seeking new members to join our Board of Directors. This is a unique chance to contribute to a vital community cause, offering your skills and insight to help guide ARA toward new heights of impact and service. If you are passionate about making a difference and have a commitment to mental health advocacy, we invite you to learn more about becoming part of our team.

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Board of Directors

Danielle Blinn Perry


Danielle joined our Board of Directors in 2017 and brings over 20 years of Human Resources experience. She has a degree in Business Administration and Human Resources and a certification in Disability Management. Danielle is a passionate wellness advocate who understands mental health challenges and the impact of the current health care model on the patient experience.

In addition to supporting global growth people practices at lululemon, she and her husband are real estate investors and understand the critical need for safe and comfortable housing solutions. “I believe in the ARA mandate and agree that recovery without basic human needs like food and shelter is unlikely. I am excited to be a part of ARA’s future.”

Marie-Pier Rivest

Vice President

Marie-Pier wanted an opportunity to become involved in our community when she moved from Ottawa. ARA was a perfect fit given her interest in mental health services therefore she joined our Board in 2018. She believes housing can often be a key aspect in recovery and general well being. In addition to her secretary duties, she provides translation for our marketing and promotional materials!

She possesses a PhD in Social Work and is an Assistant Professor at the Université de Moncton’s School of Social Work and has past experience as a community worker in social housing for people living with mental health issues.

She contributes to the training of future social workers and tries to take every opportunity to address and deconstruct stigma around mental health and to open students’ perspectives to diversity and different life experiences so that they can be equipped to provide the best assistance to people who may be experiencing mental health issues. She believes it is important to listen individuals, experiences – good and bad – with mental health and social services in order to provide the best services possible.

Alain Béchard


Alain is a retired Chartered Professional Accountant and has been on our board of directors since 2007. He manages the finances of the organization and invests a lot of his time on budgets and overseeing building and renovation projects.

Nadine Cyr


Dr. Nadine Cyr is a licensed naturopathic doctor who deeply believes in the healing power of nature and in the body’s innate ability to heal. Since graduating from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM Toronto) 25 years ago, her clinical practice has been centered on the prevention of illness and the treatment of the root causes of disease. Throughout her work as a clinician, course creator, and facilitator, Dr. Nadine strives to make health solutions useful, practical, and applicable. She is committed to empowering individuals in a way that leaves them informed, motivated, and equipped to reach optimal health and find the expression of their highest self. Nadine believes in ARA’s mandate and mission and is excited to be a part of the team.

Nadine will be serving as our board secretary. She is very excited to be able to serve her community and support our clients through our programs and services.

Sherrill Proctor

Past President

Sherrill is a retired registered nurse with a BScN and a MScA (Health Care Administration) and brings over 20 years of experience working in the Mental Health field to our Board.

Sherrill joined our Board in 1997 and has served as a Director, Vice President and President until 2011. In this time span, the Board was very involved in fundraising and the implementation of our Affordable Community Apartments Project, when 16 affordable apartments were built for adults living with mental illness. Sherrill re-joined as President in 2013 and continues to lead our Board today.

She has also severed as a volunteer on various other community boards with a focus on serving the marginalized over the years, CMHA Moncton, VON, and Family Services Moncton. She was also a volunteer facilitator of support groups based on the Recovery Model for both clients and family members for many years.

Sherrill asserts that, “Housing is one of the determinants of health, our mission and focus is to provide the very best housing possible to residents that we serve. The board continues to work with community partners in the provision of the best homes and services possible.”

Peter Poirier


A Board Member since 2011, Peter holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree. Peter enjoyed a 40 year managerial career within the various disciplines of both the manufacturing and retail automotive industry, bringing a broad base of business experience to our Board. He is currently active with the Building and Finance Committee.

Annette Paulin


Annette Paulin, CPHR, SHRM-SCP joined our Board in 2018. Fully bilingual, she is a seasoned HR professional with an extensive background and experience in the Contact Centre Industry, has knowledge and experience in Health-Care and Manufacturing Sectors.

Having worked in various corporate and union settings, with a focus on coaching, training & development, process improvement, people management and human resources roles, she is a motivated and determined individual who strives to fulfill work objectives in a respectful, compassionate and meaningful way.

Kaitie Brinston


Kaitie is a purpose-driven organizational culture coach that develops and delivers programs helping companies and employees thrive. She believes that given the right tools, support, and opportunity, anything is possible.

Kaitie joined ARA to serve and help impact those in the community that needed transitional support. She brings 10+ years experience in program development, has her diploma in Early Childhood Education, and possesses certifications in Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Health & Life Coaching, Organizational Wellness Programs, & 400 HRS Yoga Teacher Training.

Kaitie will support ARA in building our culture & program development. Her mission is to help co-create a more humane society that embraces community. “I believe if we all take some responsibility in bringing more love, safety, and belonging to our communities, we will shift as a culture, living fuller, healthier lives, together.

David Sykes


David Sykes a recent graduate of Dalhousie Law School, is a new resident to the Moncton area and has been an avid volunteer in all of the communities he has lived in including; Chair of the Alberta Gymnastics Federation and a youth soccer coach.

David’s experience in education, business ownership and now the legal field will be leveraged to support ARA’s business and risk management management. His enthusiasm for volunteering and community involvement makes ARA a great fit and we are excited to have his perspective as we make critical decisions in our business and strategy.

Jocelyn Keech


Jocelyn has more than 20 years of leadership experience with diverse skills in Corporate Communications, Operations and is certified in Change Management. She has spent the majority of her career working in the healthcare sector and volunteering with various non-profit, community organizations helping vulnerable populations.

Jocelyn served on the Moncton Headstart Inc. Board of Directors, was a member of the Community Engagement Committee for Horizon Health, a member of the Northend Planning Committee for Anglophone East School District and has served as a board member for various non-profit sports organizations.

Jocelyn’s experience in communications and strategic planning will support the sustainability and organizational profile, her dedication to her community is evident in her volunteer experience and we are pleased to have her join the ARA journey.

Dr. Jordan Veenstra


Dr. Jordan Veenstra is an Emergency Physician at The Moncton City Hospital, and has a decade of experience in health care delivery across the world including Newfoundland & Labrador, Ontario, Ireland and now in New Brunswick. Seeing first hand the experiences of marginalized populations in our community, he is continually motivated to make a positive impact and supporting the work that ARA does will be yet another way he is giving back to his community everyday.
We are excited to have Dr Veenstra join the team and lend his knowledge and experience in the Canadian healthcare landscape to help us be a small part of the solution.